James Maclean
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1. James Maclean

With the club gym reopening today, it's only fitting that we feature the man responsible for organising and looking after it! James Maclean wears several hats at Penrith RUFC so we thought it only right to make him our next featured member as recognition of his hard work, especially over the past few weeks/months!

Name: James Maclean

"As well as player, I’ve been Manager of the Vags and the last few years been one of the 3 Amigos, along with Stephen Docker Reid and Dennis Bibby (pictured below), looking after the second team. I’m also responsible for running the rugby club gym."

How many years at Penrith RUFC:
"Started playing for the Vags in 2008ish. I was recovering from a broken leg (a drunken incident in Toppers) and a friend suggested coming with him up to the club on a Wednesday to play touch rugby with the Vags, a week later I was having a run out away against Silloth."

What’s your fondest memory of Penrith RUFC:
"Got loads of great memories, playing with and getting to know the late Jimmy Morton (Vags legend) a fantastic club man and a fantastic person. Stand out memories have been the 2014/15 season with the Vags where we went the whole season undefeated, won the Cumbria south league, the Cumbrian Vase and then the Cumbria Shield playoff final against St Bennies 2nds, 2017/18 season with the Seconds where again we had an unbeaten season and a clean sweep, playing for the Vags at home to the infamous De La Salle and watching current 1st team captain Edward Swale get a drop kick from a fantastic angle then 5 minutes later taking a straight arm to his nose end for the privilege and obviously the now infamous Vags Minibus “incident” better not talk too much about that as Geoff Matthews may break out in a cold sweat at the thought."

What do you hope to see Penrith RUFC achieve next season:
"Like most people I just want to see some rugby played at Winters Park. From a personal point of view just being able to get out two strong, competitive senior teams each week and see where we can go. Finally I’m looking forward to see my son Henry, who’s 6, start training at PRUFC."

What do you enjoy most about Penrith RUFC:
"The family spirit at the club and the fact there’s so many passionate people wanting to drive the club forward."

Massive thank you to James for answering our member questions this week and for his efforts in enabling the gym to reopen safely from today onwards! Any queries about that, you know who to direct them to now!